Rajeev Gautam, Ph.D.

Rajeev Gautam became a member of the Board in May 2021 and brings substantive experience as a senior executive to manufacturing companies. His current service as a senior executive for a publicly traded company enables him to bring valuable insight, knowledge, and experience to the Board.

Dr. Gautam is the President and Chief Executive Officer, Performance Materials and Technologies of Honeywell International, Inc. (NASDAQ: HON), a global provider in developing and manufacturing high-quality performance chemicals and materials, process technologies, and automation solutions. From 2009 to 2016, Dr. Gautam served as President of Honeywell UOP. He previously served as Vice President of Research and Development, Honeywell UOP, and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Performance Materials and Technologies. Dr. Gautam began his career with Union Carbide in 1978, which became part of a joint venture with Honeywell UOP in 1988. Throughout his career, Dr. Gautam has championed innovative solutions for industry needs and has been responsible for the development and commercialization of a broad range of catalytic and separations applications for the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.